Final report

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Neo-Carbon Enabling Neo-Growth Society – Transformative Energy Futures

Final Neo-Carbon Energy Countdown – Ready for Renewables. FFRC eBOOK 11/2017

Transformational Energy Futures 2050. Neo-Carbon Energy Societal Scenarios. FFRC eBOOK 10/2017

Surprising Energy Futures. Neo-Carbon Energy Futures Clinique V. FFRC eBOOK 4/2017

Neo-Carbon Energy World – What Opportunities for Chile? Neo-Carbon Energy Futures Clinique IV. FFRC eBOOK 3/2017

Clean Disruption for Abundant Futures. Neo-Carbon Energy Futures Clinique III. FFRC eBOOK 2/2017

Argentinian Energy Landscapes. Case Study of the Neo-Carbon Energy Project, FFRC eBOOK, 12/2016

Asumisen ja työn muutos, digitalisaation vaikutukset, Uudenmaan liitto, 2017

The Fuzzy Futures of Neo-Carbon Work, FFRC eBOOK 11/2016

Glocal Insights to Neo-Carbon Energy and Its Forerunners, FFRC 4/2016

Electricity Markets Framework in Neo-Carbon Energy 2050 Scenarios. LUT 3/2016.

Towards actor-based Neo-Carbon scenarios, VTT 2/2016

Neo-Carbon Energy Scenarios 2050. FFRC eBOOK 1/2016

Neo-Carbon Energy At “Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems” International Conference FFRC 2/2015

Core Concepts in Exploring Transformative Energy Futures 2050. FFRC 1/2015

Continuous Transformation and Neo-Carbon Energy Scenarios. FFRC eBOOK 10/2015

CLA GAME REPORT: Causal Layered Analysis Game on Neo-Carbon Energy Scenarios. FFRC eBOOK 12/2015

Towards the third industrial revolution, FFRC eBOOK 6/2015.


Energy System Analyses

From scenarios to decisions – Supporting decision making with exploratory and robust analysis, 6/2016


New Business arising from the Energy Market’s Strategic Change

Investor survey, 9/2017

Screening for the most promising business cases for P2X deployment in renewable energy systems, 2/2017


Process simulation and modelling

Dynamic simulation of power-to-gas with Apros – Part 1, 3/2017

Dynamic simulation of power-to-gas with Apros – Part 2, 3/2017

Dynamic simulation of power-to-gas with Apros – Part 3, 3/2017

Dynamic simulation of power-to-gas with Apros – Part 4, 3/2017



Long-term load forecasting in high resolution for all countries globally, 2017

Techno-economic analysis of a decarbonised shipping sector: Technology suggestions for a fleet in 2030 and 2040, 2017

Power Transmission and Distributions Losses – A Model Based on Available Empirical Data and Future Trends for All Countries Globally, 2016

Sustainability of protein production by bioreactor processes using wind and solar power as energy sources, 2016

The MENA and North America super grid towards 100% renewable energy power supply by 2030, with specific focus on Iran as a case study and compressed air energy storage as a storage technology, 2016

Techno-Economic Assessment of LNG and Diesel Production and Global Trading Base on Hybrid PV-Wind Power Plants and PtG, GtL and PtL Technologies, 2016

Evaluation of the main energy scenarios for the global energy transition, 2016

Systemic costs of renewable energy, 2016

Screening of Power-to-Gas projects, 2016

Evaluation of the main energy scenarios for the global energy transition, 2016

Designing hardware-in-the-loop setup for water electrolyser emulation in a renewable energy conversion system, 2016

Synthetic fuels and light olefins from biomass residues, carbon dioxide and electricity: Performance and cost analysis. 2015

Economics of Power-to-Gas integration to wastewater treatment plant, 2015

Potential for synthetic gas in Finnish industry, 2015

Kiertoleijupetikattilateknologia ja sen matemaattinen mallinnus energiantuotantoprosessissa, 2015

Pre-Design of a Household Scale Power-to-Gas Conversion System, 2015

Carbon dioxide treatment for P2G process , 2015

Integrated energy storage tank for large scale power-to-gas applications, 2015

Dynamic carbon dioxide liquidization model, 2015

Carbon sources for Power-to-Gas applications in the Finnish energy system, 2015

Characterization of amine-based CO2 adsorbent for direct air capture, 2015

Review of water electrolysis technologies and design of renewable hydrogen production systems, 2015

Power to Gas – sähköenergiasta luonnonkaasua, liiketoimintamahdollisuudet Suomessa, 2014